CDTV Clockport


This was intended as a simple project to expand the A500 and CDTV with an A1200 style  clockport so that upto 2 devices can be used at once. It was intended that this design be available as both a kit and a ready made item but due to numerous reasons it never progressed past this design concept.

You can buy a clockport adaptor for the A500 and A600 from Amigakit


Designed to be compatible with the Kato developments board prototype and existing A1200 software.

A simple design only using 7400 series TTL logic chips.

Allows the use of 2 clockport devices.

A public design. Schematics and PCB layouts will be available

Technical notes
The clockports will be at these addresses:
$D80001 upwards &$D84001 upwards,

You fit this adaptor by removing the MC68000 CPU from it's socket, inserting this board, then re-inserting the MC68000. I am currently researching compatibility with A500 CPU upgrades that plug into the CPU slot.

Current Status

On hold, all files uploaded to github if you want to look and adapt for your needs,


Exported from my CAD tool today, click the thumbnail to enlarge.


Updated 27 September 2020