Teletext on Amiga

What is it?

It is a hardware and  software project that allows you to view Teletext pages on your Amiga. Depending on what software you use, you can save the pages as ASCII, ANSI or IFF.

How complex is the circuit?

Complex. The circuit consists of a Teletext decoder  chip, the SAA5246 an SRAM and some logic. It is advisable to have a PCB for this project.

You need a VCR with a SCART socket. This is due to the fact that the Teletext information is extracted from the CVBS signal that is available from  this connector.

10th March 2004 update, the Philips Teletext chip is now obsolete. See the NXP Website for alternatives

To obtain the Teletext decoder IC, try NXP website or  your local NXPdealer

My prototype!

Here is a picture of the system I built in 1994!
My soldering/building skills have improved considerably since then.


 It uses the Amiga's parallel port. You also need the SCART/video connector as mentioned above.

It works on any Amiga. I originally used it with my A600 and it worked fine.

What software is included?

There is Teletext 1.2 which  communicates with the hardware and allows you to view the teletext pages on your Amiga. This allows you to store upto 4 groups of pages and browse through them at your leisure. Well laid out design, easy to navigate but a bit slow on low end  Amiga's. There is a facility to have full screen Teletext. Click here for a screen grab.

As an alternative you can use Videotext. Video text is compatible with the hardware designed by Jan Leuverink (the author of Teletext 1.20). This has  some extra features. It allows you to pre-define a list of pages you want to view on each channel and it will pull all of these pages for you. A screen grab is here.
For Videotext, you need the English locale download.

The software is well designed to allow you to browse through the pages by  using the keyboard and common teletext functions like reveal, are accessible from the keyboard.

Currrent Version

1.20, released on 1993

Video text 5.41p was released on the 28th May 1998.


Teletext is shareware


Teletext 1.2 software and the hardware design, Jan Leuverink.


Updated 27 September 2020