Amiga Hacks


This section of the website provides details some hardware hacks for the Amiga computer, some where developed by the author, others were obtained from Aminet.

Technical information and guides

Amiga power supply guide (popular), contains information on original and replacement power supplies, with troubleshooting information.
Amiga mouse repair information
, with information on the once popular, Wizard Development mouse.

 A1200 Motherboard modifications guide, added 26th November 2003, updated January 2013.

PCMCIA RESET fix for the A1200

A1200 Clock port information, including pin descriptions, memory map and some timing info.

A1200 Functional specification. A good hardware guide to the A1200, it has in depth information on the machine,
 including timing information and how to add an accelerator.

Amiga RGB to SCART cable, added 30th November 2009 (popular). Details the modifications required to connect your Amiga to a modern LCD TV.

General Amiga Hacks & Repair info.

Amiga Repair information. This file details a lot of useful repair information for the A500, A1000  and A2000.
It is also available from Aminet.

A load of A500 hacks . It is also available from Aminet

Check out the Download area for more hacks


Updated 27 September 2020