PIC Reference

I do not have much in the way of reference info on the PIC at the moment but I do have some good links. I only present the best links so you do not have to waste too much time.


This is a good site for newcomers to the PIC.

There is a mailing list you can join, beware of the high traffic though. A lot of professionaldevelopers  of the PIC are on this mailing, as well as a number of hobbyists, a great reource for PIC queries.

There is a FAQ, read before posting to the list.

There is some reference info here. An instruction set reference here.


The manufacturers of the PIC microcontroller. They have application notes, PC development tools and a whole lot more on their site. They encourage the hobbyist user, which has helped the PIC become number 2 in the 8 bit microcontroller market.



Updated 27 September 2020