Links to electronics suppliers, microcontroller information and internet tech pages

Electronics Related

 Everyday Practical Electronics magazine, my favourite electronics magazine. Also check out the lively and informative chatzone


PIC related

PIC list, for beginners and experienced users, this site has example code, projects and tips + many links.

Scott Dattalo's site Open source PIC assembler, simulator and C compiler in progress + code tips.

Myke Predko's site An author of a few books on microcontrollers and there are many designs available on this site.

Microchip The manufacturers of the PIC. they have many useful application notes and software for the Windows platform

Amiga Related, a great site for Amige related news

 Aminet great for locating Amiga software and the largest software repository for Amiga software. Try the new graphical client.

Dave Haynie archives, lots of ex Commodore technical documents, including the Zorro III specification.
Amiga Source , a listing of over 1000 Amiga related sites


Updated 30 November 2015