Audio connectors and Accessories

Not much to put here at the moment, I hope to add info on MP3 players soon.

Phono Audio connector

 Simple eh?

As seen on the back of all Amiga's. Use a standard RCA connector lead to link the audio of your Amiga to a set of speakers or Hi-Fi. The output is at line level

 Line Level Audio?

This uses an audio that is no larger than 1 Volt peak to peak and there is a typical impedance of 1 K Ohm. See above comments on connections.

The audio seems very 'sharp' on the left and right channels, can I do something about this?

Yes you can.

You can buy a mixer which will allow you to blend the two audio channels or you can try one of the circuits listed below, which are available from Aminet.

I have design an Audio mixer suitable fro this task, available here

Relevant files on Aminet,

BetterPaula.lha                    Very, very simple hack to improve the stereo

Mixers and Amplifers


Short:    HTML guide for making a CDDA Mixer/amplifier

This is a simple (but comprehensive) HTML guide on making a CDDA mixer, including
a list of components you will need and their approximate prices.


Short:    Active Stereo Mixer

This is a high quality, simple to construct, audio mixer.

Amiga audio and CD audio can be heard from the same output.

I built this simple circuit using the low-noise Hi-Fi LF353 OP-Amp.
Passive mixers are simpler but the audio loses some of it's original volume.
This mixer gives the 2 combined signals a small boost to prevent this from



Short:    3 Devices to 1 Mixer
Author: (Jeroen Borgmeyer)
Uploader: (Jeroen Borgmeyer)
Type:     hard/hack

This little schematic shows how I connected 2 cdrom drives (1 cdrom and 1 cd-r drive actually) and the Amiga soundoutput to one output.

The cdrom-audiocables have both been fitted with standard 3.5mm stereo jack.This is done because my mixer is fitted in a box.


Short:    Audio Stereo 2 Channels Mixer for the Amiga & CDRom (SPANISH)

This  archive  contains  an audio mixer scheme to mix the audio signals from the amiga and the CDRom audio output port.
The languaje of the GUIDE is SPANISH.

It works with any audio preamplified signal (not phono signals).
You can mix the Amiga audio output with your CDRom audio, Radio,
CDPlayer, Tape... etc.

PassiveMixer.txt               Simpliest audio stereo 2 channels mixer


Short:    CDDA Audio Input for Amiga 3000

How many time have you wished that you could have cd-audio inputs on your A3k without  having to take up an extra input on your stereo. Well put your mind at ease, cause in approx 20 minutes this could be you. The mod itself is straight-forward and easy to accomplish, the most  time consuming part would be stripping the machine down to access the motherboard underneath the the expansion card side.



Short: Do it yourself audio digitizer plans.

      Schematic redrawn by Mike Kopack. Parts cost less than $20 for a good
      quality mono digitizer, based on the ADC0804 A/D convertor chip.

stereosampler.lha           Stereo sampler project

oscilloscope.lha             Oscilloscope for use with sampler

By Ian Stedman, 13th November 2001, Updated 10th March 2003

Updated 27 September 2020